10 new reasons everyone should know about Airfox

Patricia — HR Manager, São Paulo

Outside of work, Patricia spends time swimming as well as playing with her kids.

Alex Barreto — Legal & Compliance Director, São Paulo

Outside of work Alex enjoys traveling with his wife, cycling in the park, and watching his favorite soccer team Corinthians.

Paolo Conti — Design Lead, Boston

Outside of work, Paolo spends time with his family, including his two young daughters. He also enjoys designing and making fine jewelry based on skills he learned working with a goldsmith in Sicily, Italy.

Alexandre Mattos — User Experience Analyst, São Paulo

Ale enjoys kayaking, practicing his boxing skills, and traveling with his family and friends, as seen in this picture.

Rafael Maki — Lead Android Engineer, São Paulo

Outside of work Maki spends time playing with his son and hanging around with his family watching soccer games and movies.

Suzana Ribeiro — UX Writer, São Paulo

In her free time, Suzana enjoys exploring places she’s never been around the world with her son, who she touts as her “favorite adventure companion”. She also enjoys reading, specifically if it’s a Stephen King book.

Amauri Alvarenga — Senior Engineer, São Paulo

Outside of work Amauri enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors, as well as using his computer skills to compete and play games online. He also spends time at his personal startup and hanging out with his friends.

Alissa Carroll — Office Manager, Boston

Outside of her busy work and school commitments, Alissa enjoys writing, filming cinematic movies, finding new coffee shops, and playing soccer.

Guilherme Fujisawa — Senior Accountant, Boston

Outside of working at Airfox, Guilherme likes traveling, playing any kind of sport, and trying new things especially if there’s food!

Ricky Tong — Senior Accountant, Boston

Outside of working at Airfox, Ricky enjoys spending time with his friends! Ricky (left) with a few of his friends.

Adriana Fujita — Project Manager, São Paulo

Adriana practices different mediation techniques in her free time, including Buddhist meditation, transcendental meditation, and mindfulness. She also does translation work in including for a book publication organization in India.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com

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