2019 readies Airfox for a decade of success

See the achievements we are celebrating this new year’s at Airfox

With a new decade upon us, we here at Airfox are ready to charge forward with the momentum we gained in 2019. Our victories range from product features and launches to awards and partnerships. Celebrate with us and recap the best from 2019!

Launch of banQi, Airfox’s redesigned mobile banking solution

The banQi app and Mastercard.

Read about the launch of our mobile banking app banQi.

Team expansion soared, more than doubling number of employees

Our locations in the US and Brazil experienced so much growth that we upgraded office locations in 2019. We continue to hire and are looking for new employees to start in early 2020.

The team in Brazil hard at work in their new banQi-branded office.

Meet our most recent new hires and learn about why they chose Airfox.

We launched the banQi card in partnership with Mastercard

Since launched, thousands of banQi users across Brazil have activated their digital cards or ordered their physical cards. Users can access the convenient and affordable options banQi offers yet use the standard payment methods done by merchants.

Read the details of the partnership.

We put the customer first in UX design, customer service, and more

UX testing using paper prototypes with small business owners in Brazil.

We continuously incorporate user ideas and suggestions into the UX design of banQi. We also prioritize the users’ needs in all aspects of our customer success team by creating secure ways to provide 24/7 service so we can always be available for our users.

Check out the features users value the most at banQi.

We partnered with community programs and leaders to promote financial inclusion initiatives

Scenes from Novos Lideres classes held in Rio.

In 2019 Airfox partnered with Novos Lideres Emprendedores, or New Entrepreneurial Leaders, an education organization offering courses and sponsorship to small business owners and those interested in entrepreneurship in areas where education isn’t readily available. Airfox also highlights heroes in Brazil who are promoting social good and solving real issues in their communities.

“Heroes of the Community” Iara Oliveira with students from the Cidade de Deus community in Rio.

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We won awards and received industry recognition for banQi

In 2019 Airfox was recognized for customer satisfaction, technology, and innovative business. We are proud to be recognized as an organization leading the development of disruptive banking technology.

Some awards and nominations we are grateful to have received in 2019:

Our partnership with Casas Bahia has already brought solutions to thousands of Brazilians

banQi in a Casas Bahia store in São Paulo.

This year, banQi launched a physical experience in Casas Bahia retail stores throughout the São Paulo region. Through this partnership, banQi is reaching the underbanked citizens of Brazil who shop loyally at the chain’s retail locations, and thanks to the store promoters who are trained in all-things banQi, users are taught how to to bank comfortably online or in-stores.

Learn about traditional banks in Brazil and why banQi can help so many people across Brazil.

We did all this while still having fun!

The team competed in a two day relay road race across Cape Cod…

We held a banQi launch party to celebrate the release of the Mastercard…

And held competitive group outings!

Finally, we celebrated the holidays in style…

And there’s more to come…

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