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A Message from Airfox on Form 10 security filing

Update for AirToken holders

Hello AirToken community,

Plans for 2019

Continue rolling out the Airfox national retail partnership

With the initial retail pilot active, we are using the feedback from the two stores to improve the training process and implementation as we expand to more locations throughout 2019. We plan to be operational at additional stores around April and May, and eventually accessible in all 676 Casas Bahia stores across Brazil.

Launch prepaid debit card for the unbanked

Within the next four to five months, Airfox plans to launch a debit card that does not require a traditional bank account to continue empowering the 50 million Brazilians who are not equitably or reliably served by traditional banking services. The new card, which is much safer than carrying around large amounts of cash, will allow users to effectively access all the benefits of common prepaid credit card services (deposit and withdraw money as well as shop online). The planned Airfox card differs from alternative cards like NuBank by offering free cashback on all purchases made with the card.

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