Airfox Bi-Weekly Update-December 8, 2017

Hello Airfox Community,

Company Focus Through the End of 2017 — We are scheduled to launch our app in Brazil in Q1 of 2018!

Product: The Product team has identified potential strategic partners in Brazil. These partnerships pertain to user acquisition, payment processing, credit-scoring, marketing, and others aimed at advancing the AirToken platform and mobile wallet app.

Business Development: The Biz Dev team is actively pursuing strategic partnerships in Brazil in preparation for our Q1 launch in 2018. There are 4 active potential partners, we are aiming to finalize by the end of Q1, but we anticipate 2 of the partners will be finalized by the time we launch v1 of our mobile e-wallet in Brazil.

Engineering: Our engineering team is essentially fully staffed, the team’s focus will be executing on product and building out the first version of our newly redesigned financial services app. We are making strong progress and look forward to showing our technology to the world. Click here in case didn’t get chance to read our Monthly Engineering Update written last week by our CTO!

Idex Exchange — Airtoken (AIR) is now available for purchase on the IDEX exchange. IDEX is an Ethereum decentralized exchange with real-time trading. An update on other exchanges, Airfox is corresponding the the exchanges request and will continue to furnish documents requested and necessary to move forward. When these agreements are finalized, we will make sure our community is informed. AIR is currently available for purchase on EtherDelta, HitBTC, RadarRelay, and IDEX.

Discord Messenger — As a reminder, we have completely moved all community discussion to Discord Messenger. We will continue to utilize our AirToken Official Announcement Channel (view only) on Telegram.

Website — The marketing team has been extensively focused on the new design and making sure we provide the community with information they are seeking. We anticipate the new and redesigned website will be up and running by the second week of January!

Press -

NASDAQ & Forbes — -Victor Santos (CEO) rang the NASDAQ closing bell to honor his social entrepreneurial endeavors earning him recognition as part of Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Reuters — Airfox was recognized by Reuters as the only participant in their interview to have successfully execute an ICO in the United States — Global crypto-currency crackdown sparks search for safe havens.

Women in Crypto: Airfox talks about how women can be more involved with leading in the cryptocurrency industry — All The Reasons Why Women can be the Future of Crypto Currency




Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

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Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

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