Airfox customer service team releases chatbot feature

This and more from the product team in this January’s update

Airfox is constantly striving to improve our users’ experience with banQi. Our digital banking service launched in Brazil in June 2019 to offer the underbanked a fair banking option. We haven’t lost our drive to build easy-to-use features and develop much-needed services for our users. These three new features highlight how we’re fulfilling users’ need to have access to time-saving, affordable banking solutions.

banQi chatbot for customer support launched

Users can now have have their questions answered using a new customer support method! The new in-app chatbot, named Vivi by the banQi team, responds to common user questions in an instant.

This conversation shows a banQi user immediately being offered help starting from the simple word “Olá”, or “Hi”.
The banQi support homescreen including the option to start a conversation with the app’s chatbot Vivi by selecting “Chat with us in the app”.
Members of the banQi customer support team after a training day.

New in-app payment options for Spotify, Google Play, and gaming services

Users can now buy credits in the banQi app to use on some of the most popular game and entertainment services. Without access to credit cards from traditional banks due to high monthly fees and strict regulations, many Brazilians rely on purchasing gift cards in retail stores to spend on popular gaming and streaming services. With the new banQi in-app payment feature, users can now pay for these services from the convenience of their smartphone.

  • Google Play Store
  • Xbox
  • Minecraft
  • Riot Games (League of Legends)
  • Blizzard
These services and games are just some of those offered to users in banQi app.

Users can transfer money to non-users

The third feature to hit the banQi app is the ability for users to send money to individuals who do not yet have a banQi account. Previously, a person had to have a banQi account if another user wanted to send them money using our app. Now, users can instantly transfer money to their friends and family who have smartphones.

Users can now send money to their friends, even if the recipient has never used banQi before.
banQi user Robson frequently transfers money to and from others due to his job as a taxi driver.

What’s next?

Airfox has big things planned for 2020. Continuing with the momentum from 2019, banQi users can anticipate the launch of additional financial services to be offered by our digital banking platform. With each new feature that launches, banQi moves toward being the preferred provider of mobile banking services for the financially underserved in Brazil.

The Airfox team continues to draw from user feedback about app features to prioritize areas of improvement and new features.

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