Airfox Evolution: Why Brazil?

Seeing the problem

I hold many fond memories from the first 12 years of my life in Brazil — family bonds and family business, stories with my Grandma, and learning to navigate the world with fellow young Brazilians.

Airfox is a solution for those who are not supported by the traditional banking system

Seeing a solution

I envision a trusted bank for the people, by the people — a bank that helps customers manage, create, and optimize their financial life and wealth with affordable, efficient, transparent, and innovative technologies. Airfox is on a mission to become the most trusted, preferred, and affordable financial technology institution for the underserved consumers in Brazil. Ambitious? Yes. Possible? We’re already knee deep.

About the author

Victor Santos, CEO & Co-Founder of Airfox



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Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.