Airfox expands to welcome key executive members

The next major growth phase is here for the company revolutionizing digital banking

3 min readApr 5, 2019


Airfox is excited to announce the recent appointment of both a chief operating officer and vice president of engineering. Both additions come as a part of the next major growth phase of the ever-developing app.

Currently, Airfox is focused on refining the next stage in the platform-development roadmap. Driving towards a robust and versatile digital bank, the company continues to focus on improving financial inclusion globally. These additions to the leadership team will strengthen the foundation of Airfox as a pioneering startup with a thriving community.

Desmond Pieri, Chief Operating Officer, interim

Desmond met Airfox CEO Victor Santos at Techstarts in 2016

Desmond “Des” Pieri joins Airfox as the interim chief operating officer. Serving as a professional interim C-level executive since 2000, Pieri has helped over 25 companies accelerate their growth in the U.S. and abroad. Des has coached multiple founding CEOs globally through the process of taking their companies to the next level.

Pieri brings valuable leadership skills to Airfox’s growing team, with experience running organizations of all sizes. His work with varying companies such as agile startups to companies with over $25 million in revenue make him the perfect fit for Airfox’s continuously expanding size.

At Airfox, Des will provide leadership and strategic oversight of the business’ growing operations in Boston and São Paulo, supporting the execution of strategies developed by our top management team.

“I first met CEO and co-founder Victor Santos at Techstars in 2016, and his company Airfox has made incredible progress on building a transformative platform that will bring essential financial services to millions,” says Des. “The work Airfox is doing promises to shape the coming decades. I am honored to support the team during this rapid growth phase as they continue building the solution that will bring financial inclusion to all.“

Jerry Harris, Vice President of Engineering

Outside of work, Jerry enjoys hiking trips (pictured here at Zion National Park)

Jerry Harris joins Airfox’s engineering team as a much needed addition to help meet the growing demand of the platform. An accomplished leader with over 20 years of engineering experience, Jerry has a proven track record in scaling applications across startups and hyper-scale giants.

Jerry’s interest in Airfox stems from the company’s purpose in digitizing banking for the underbanked. “I find the financial inequality problem that Airfox addresses incredibly important,” says Jerry. “I am excited to join its world-class engineering team to focus on scaling the product and Airfox ecosystem to deliver on the incredible market demand. Airfox is expected to disrupt how people in emerging economies gain access to capital.”

Jerry brings decades of engineering experience to Airfox. Prior to Airfox, he spent 10 years at AOL managing the teams that wrote the platform’s original web browser and AOL Instant Messenger. Jerry also served as VP of Engineering at, ChoiceStream, and Ruckus Network. Additionally, Harris led the engineering team for EnerNOC’s IoT-based Energy Intelligence Service as its Senior Director of Engineering.

Continuing with the expansion of experienced and motivated leadership at Airfox drives the mission of CEO and co-founder Victor Santos. “Airfox is experiencing accelerated growth with new strategic partnerships and driving mainstream adoption of our platform,” says Santos. “This new wealth of operational and engineering management experience will be of immense value as Airfox continues building solutions that provide an opportunity for people without a bank account, credit card, or credit history to access transformative financial services.” The extensive individual experiences of both Jerry and Des will aid in creating technological transformation throughout the growing business.

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