Airfox files to be among first registered U.S. blockchain tokens

“Airfox is the best financial friend I’ve had. It never lets me down.” — Airfox user Robson (See his Airfox story here.)
  • Major strategic partnerships — Airfox is extending its mobile digital wallet to Brazilian retailer Via Varejo’s enormous national customer base to drive mainstream adoption. Airfox plans to be accessible in all 676 Casas Bahia stores across Brazil. As Airfox rolls out in more stores, it expects scaling user numbers to rapidly accelerate algorithmic improvement and alternative credit scoring development opportunity.
  • Peer-to-peer lending platform — As the Airfox app user base grows, Airfox intends to evolve the AirToken web application into a full-featured, blockchain-based, peer-to-peer lending application that will enable anyone from around the world to provide capital for a microloan to a diversified cohort of borrowers.
  • Alternative credit scores — Airfox aims to advance and improve credit-scoring algorithms leveraging data science and machine learning. Utilizing in-app behavioral analytics and novel smartphone data sources (such as GPS history), these algorithms are expected to streamline identity verification and generate personalized credit scores — regardless of whether the individual has a traditional credit history.
  • Global expansion — Once the platform is mature, Airfox expects to franchise the model to other organizations and institutions in other emerging markets. Airfox plans for AirToken to be an integral part of this global platform, enabling its partners to reduce transaction costs and increase settlement times while maintaining security, transparency, and decentralization.



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