Airfox launching pilot in Via Varejo’s Casas Bahia stores

Strategic partnership with Brazilian retail giant to democratize financial services

This photo shows a Casas Bahia store in São Paulo, Brazil. Boston-based Airfox is launching a pilot program with Casas Bahia that will allow customers to manage monthly payments via the Airfox mobile wallet app.

Launching the Airfox retail pilot program

The Airfox team from Boston includes Katie Sedat (VP of marketing), Cathy Melnikow (marketing manager), and Bruna Luniere (user success associate). We join the team members based in Brazil: Gustavo (president of Brazil), Felipe (director of customer success), and engineering (Amauri, Rafel, and Thiago). Together, we are working closely with counterparts at Via Varejo to facilitate a successful launch of the pilot in December.

Airfox and Via Varejo together after a great retail training session.

Eliminating paper payment records

Starting in December, the Airfox app will be offered as the recommended option for customers to manage their carnês, a popular payment method in Brazil where customers split the cost of an item into monthly installments (or parcelas).

Casas Bahia carnês pictured. Customers will be able to pay their Casas Bahia CDC “carnês” bill directly through the Airfox app, instead of going to a physical store. CDCs are in-store loans used to purchase large-ticket items like furniture, electronics, and appliances.
Managing carnês in the Airfox app.
Airfox will launch its pilot program in these two Casa Bahia stores in December. Present in more than 400 municipalities across 20 Brazilian states and the Distrito Federal, Via Varejo manages nearly 1,000 stores and serves 68% of Brazil’s population.

Democratizing financial services through blockchain

This is the first step in the partnership between Airfox and Via Varejo announced in mid-September 2018. This is an amazing opportunity to get Airfox into the homes and hearts of Brazilians. Through Casas Bahia, Via Varejo issues roughly 300,000 new carnês per month, and currently has an outstanding loan portfolio of roughly $1 billion.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

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