Airfox momentum drives new key executive hires

Experience in risk and business strategy highlight Brazilian executive recruitment

4 min readSep 5, 2019

Award-winning mobile financial services startup Airfox today introduced two recently added executives to be based out of the São Paulo office. Clécio José Bortoni Dias joins Airfox as chief risk officer, and Alesandra Selma Martins joins Airfox as vice president of strategic initiatives. Both come with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields and are eager to contribute to the company’s rapidly growing team.

Airfox’s recent launch of the banQi digital banking app and service in Brazil has accelerated the company’s strong forward momentum in the world of disruptive banking solutions, and Dias’ and Martins’ expertise will guide growth in strategic areas of the Airfox business model. The banQi app has already topped 100,000 installs from the Google Play store and received over 1,000 Google Play ratings, averaging at 4.4 stars. Its rapid adoption rates reflect Airfox’s focus on accessibility and customer experience in providing proactive modern financial services tailored to pressing user needs.

Airfox Chief Risk Officer

Clécio Dias began his finance career as a consultant at McKinsey, the global management consulting firm. He has acquired experience in credit and risk working with companies such as A.T. Kearney, Ernst & Young, Unibanco, and Guiabolso, and earned his Ph.D. in finance and game theory from the University of Illinois. Dias is eager to leverage his impressive educational and professional experience in digital banking and the financial services industry to fill the role of Airfox’s chief risk officer.

Clécio José Bortoni Dias, chief risk officer at Airfox.

“I am honored to have this position,” Dias said. “Airfox combines the elements needed for a viable, profitable and thriving digital bank that offers simple, serious and honest solutions for Brazilians. Airfox has created a dynamic environment with steadfast loyalty to its mission. They are agile and test-driven and focused on continuous improvement. My background in formal lending and experience with early-stage startups will help cultivate a solid risk culture in a rapid-growth environment as Airfox scales.”

The function of a risk manager is finding solutions to business obstacles with a positive risk/return profile for the company as a whole, protecting the organization from both overextension and underutilization. The addition of Dias as chief risk officer fortifies Airfox’s future and increases the company’s organizational strength.

Airfox Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Alesandra Martins joins Airfox having previously worked in project and process management at Santander, as product development and new technologies manager for payment means at REDE, and managing risk projects for the payment industry at Ernst &Young. She also founded two startups, Drivvo and Stalebu, which are focused on mobility and fleet management.

Alesandra Selma Martins, VP of strategic initiatives at Airfox.

“The Airfox business model is focused on delivering inclusive banking options to all Brazilians. This is something I have always wanted to be a part of,” said Martins. “I believe that my technology background, understanding of payment product management, and experience as a founder of two startups makes it possible for me to contribute significantly to Airfox’s continued growth and success.”

Strategic initiatives reflect the way organizations translate goals and mission into practice, systematically building a portfolio of products and services in support of those aims. The addition of Martins to the Airfox team accelerates the company’s ability to successfully launch and expand unique financial services in Brazil.

About Airfox
Airfox is on a mission to accelerate financial inclusion for the underbanked within emerging economies. Airfox aims to create an entirely new financial services model for the underbanked that democratizes access to capital and financial services with a mobile-first solution. Airfox is a venture-backed, financial technology company based in Boston and São Paulo. To learn more about the future of decentralized digital banking, visit

About banQi
Launched in June 2019, banQi is a free and flexible digital challenger bank designed specifically for the Brazilian market and its 50 million people who are unserved or underserved by traditional banking establishments. Developed by Airfox with strategic partner Via Varejo, a leading Brazilian retailer, the banQi platform evolved from the Airfox digital wallet, continuing an evolution that is emblematic of the disruptive fintech startup’s rapid growth.




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