AirFox Unifies AirToken Apps and Optimizes Browser Performance

Over the past month, our engineering team has focused on simplifying the AirToken experience for users and improving data usage, memory footprint, and performance. Previously, we had two apps, AirFox Browser to earn AirTokens while browsing the internet, and AirFox Recharge to redeem AirTokens for AirTime.

Today, we are proud to present our new and improved AirFox Browser:

Improved AirFox Browser

Video of Browser:

The new app combines the Browser and the Recharge apps into one, drastically improving user experience by offering a seamless transition between browsing, recharge, earn and micro-loans functionality. The app is also a quarter of its original size (from 80MB down to 20MB).

AirFox Browser is still considered “beta” quality and will continue to be improved over the coming months as we execute on the AirToken plan.

The AirToken white-list opens September 14th at 14:00 UTC (10:00am EST) at

We appreciate your continued support.

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