Airfox Update — February 14, 2018

Hello Airfox community!

Right now, everyone at Airfox is focused on releasing products that bring real value to the unbanked and underbanked populations within Brazil.

We recently ran focus groups with people and micro-business owners from Rocinha (the biggest favela in Rio Brazil). We’re using their feedback to create an Android app that not only meets their needs but also provides financial services previously unavailable to their segment of the population. We’re also using the insight gained from the focus groups to better align the messaging and marketing of our mobile app to our target users.

One of our focus groups out in Brazil (Sorry for the low quality image!)

During the focus group, attendees were able to demo the very first version of the app. It’s available on Google Play, so you can try it too! As a reminder, this is a beta release, and we consider it our minimum viable product (MVP). We will be iterating from this base going forward, constantly improving the app and releasing new features. In addition, we will be running in-app experiments using Taplytics to optimize conversion and to improve the retention and engagement of our users.

Part of the lending process, requires KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. To ensure a positive, safe, and compliant experience for our app users, we’ve teamed up with IDwall to process our ID verification needs.

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Airfox will make an announcement about bringing financial inclusion to emerging markets using the power of blockchain and mobile! Katie, Pablo, and Christine will be representing Airfox. Stay tuned to the Airfox Twitter page and other contact channels to stay up to date with the latest developments!

Christine To will also be attending the 2018 Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas. Send an email to if you’d like to connect!

This week’s Town Hall will feature our Head of Product, Pablo Bello. Give the beta a try beforehand, and then head over to our Discord channel to have your product feedback ready.

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Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.