AirToken adds Peter Kavounas as Legal and Compliance Advisor

AirFox is pleased to announce a cryptocurrency legal expert as part of its in-house advisory board — Peter Kavounas, is an attorney with 12 years of experience in financial services, blockchain, and technology regulation. Peter’s particular area of expertise is within the newly formed Dodd-Frank regulatory framework, SEC, and CFTC jurisdictions, which place a heavy burden on technologies supporting the financial services, real estate, and consumer products industries, often through the use of blockchain technology. Mr. Kavounas works with Fintech, cloud computing, banking, exchanges, and clearing companies, as well as with federal and state agencies, and Congress on legal, compliance, and regulatory strategies. He has worked for two federal banking agencies, two AmLaw Top 25 Law Firms, and three startups, and continues to use his regulatory background to advise entities on legal governance, regulatory risk, and corporate compliance matters.

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Peter Kavounas is the new legal and compliance advisor for AirFox

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