AirToken community update

Since the AirToken ICO, we here at Airfox have had a great opportunity to learn and grow as a company. The team has been hard at work developing this platform, and we have recently achieved a significant milestone within the AirToken roadmap with the release of the AirToken dApp! While this is a very proud moment for our team, we also want to address the community concerning some of the feedback we have received in our public channels. The team is always listening to the community, and we want to be able to engage the community in a meaningful way, so we’ve decided to implement an updated community management strategy that we hope you all will take part in. Effective immediately, here are our updated plans for our community:

  1. AirToken Telegram — Many community members have expressed interest in having a Telegram channel for the community to communicate within. Along with Reddit, this new channel will be among the “first-to-know” our latest information when it is released, and will become our primary means of communication. The Discord will remain open and monitored by both the team and our community managers.

In addition to these updates, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We are aware that not every community member is able to closely follow on our channels, so be sure to visit the Airfox website and subscribe to the monthly newsletter. We also have KaKao channel for our Korean friends and supporters. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of this community and supporting AirToken as we continue to develop the platform. Stay tuned! — Telegram chat — Discord — KaKao — Twitter AirToken — Twitter AirFox — Reddit — YouTube Channel (AMAs) — Official Telegram (Broadcast) — BitcoinTalk — Facebook — E-Mail

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