AirToken dApp now publicly available

2018 has been a big year for Airfox and AirToken, so far! We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us. From all of us here at Airfox, thank you! We cannot wait to share the future with you, starting today.

AirToken dApp 1.0 is live!

  • Use AIR to top-up prepaid mobile phones on 500+ wireless carriers
  • Send AIR as remittances from an Ethereum wallet to users of the Airfox Android app or another Ethereum wallet
  • Withdraw AIR from the Airfox Android app to an Ethereum wallet
  • (Eventually) Apply to microfinance loans to users of our Android app [for qualified, non-US token holders]

AirToken dApp set-up instructions

MetaMask must be installed to access the AirToken dApp.

Step 2: Register for the dApp

Step 3: Send AIR and ETH to MetaMask wallet

The AIR and ETH balance of your MetaMask wallet is displayed after logging in.

If your AIR and ETH are in a different wallet than MetaMask, there are two options

  1. Send AIR and ETH to the generated MetaMask wallet
  2. Import an existing ETH wallet into MetaMask by private key

It is safer to transfer just the amount you want to use into MetaMask, as it prevents your main wallet’s private key from being pasted in plain text.

Step 4: Set gas price and amount AIR Approved transfer amount

The ERC20 token standard requires the user to set a max number of tokens the smart contract can withdraw.

Activities available in the AirToken dApp

1. Transfer AIR from the Android app to dApp

2. Transfer AIR to user of the Android app

Once you have set your “AIR Approved” amount, go to My Wallet in the sidebar to transfer AIR from your wallet to an account in the Airfox Android app

To transfer AIR to an user of the Airfox app, that person must have their mobile number confirmed in the Android app settings. Be sure to add the “+” symbol and country code before the mobile number, for example +16175555555.

3. Transfer AIR to another Ethereum wallet

4. Top-up prepaid mobile accounts using AIR

Go to My Wallet in the sidebar, and then the Mobile Remittance tab. Enter a mobile phone number (be sure to include the “+” symbol and country code) and you will be able to top-up the phone using AIR. Click the “ADD FUNDS” button, submit the transaction, and wait up to 30 minutes for the transfer to execute with the wireless carrier.

Next steps

If you’re interested beta testing the AirToken Lending Platform when it’s available, you can also sign up in the dApp.

For any questions about the dApp, ask in our Discord community, on Reddit, via Twitter, or

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