AirToken dApp Progress Update on GitHub

If you missed our weekly town hall on Discord today, our CTO James Seibel shared a progress update of our dApp code to the public Airfox GitHub.

Normally we would wait for a production version to be ready before publicly releasing code, but our community has been very interested in Airfox’s progress, so we released an unfinished version that is under heavy development. The dApp will be hosted by Airfox for anyone to use, but if you are so inclined, the source code will be available for you to run locally. Our micro-services backend and Android app will remain closed source. We are working very hard to release version 1.0 of the dApp and Android app soon.

The dApp will require MetaMask to operate. We were initially going to manage ETH wallets inside the dApp itself, but we decided the majority would prefer MetaMask to our own custom key-management code in the browser.

Product roadmap

We are working on the first steps of our product development plans.

View the full roadmap.

Join Co-Founder and CEO Victor Santos Friday, February 2 on our Discord channel for our next town hall.

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