AirToken Final TGE Updates


  • Compliance and Registration was successful — 2,000+ contributors, 92% of the $15M cap filled.
  • Extended Contribution Registration — Opens October 5th — closes October 7th. @ official ETH address: 0x762c0f710cddbae48d121f87af45b392cec2c815 (DO NOT SEND ETH UNTIL REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE)
  • “Public ICO” is only a TGE, registration required. Date: Tuesday, October 10th at 12pm EST.
  • TGE on Tuesday, October 10th at 12pm EST — when AirTokens are minted, distributed, transferable and traded via the AirToken smart-contract —
  • Shutting down Slack because of scammers — All official communication moving to Telegram

1) TGE Registration and Whitelist Contribution Results

Post Registration & Final Contribution:

  • Number of Contributors: 2,021
  • AirTokens Sold: ~966M (92%)
  • Estimated USD: ~$13.8M
  • Average Per Person Contribution: $6,828


  • AirTokens Left: ~84M
  • Estimated USD Amount to hit cap: ~$1.2M

Our goal was to hit a $15M “net” raise post bonuses and costs, those costs come from the $21M hard cap. We understand this was a bit confusing. The bonuses came out of the hard cap and to be fair to the community we are not issuing new tokens or raising the cap in order to keep the the same amount of AIR sold fixed which equates to 70% (1.05B AIR) of all 1.5B tokens created.

2) TGE Info & Extended registration

After the cap is reached and the public registration ends, AirFox will run final contributor list with our KYC / AML Partner — IdentityMind to remove any last non-qualified purchasers, issue non-qualified contributor refunds and finalize the last piece of compliance. Lastly, the final list of AIR contributors post compliance will have their respective ETH Addresses hard-coded into the smart-contract and on Tuesday, October 10th at 12pm EST is when we will mint, distribute and trade the AIR Token.

There will be no “Public ICO” since the cap is almost reached and registration is required. The days of randomly taking cryptocurrencies from anyone for an ICO are over. In order to comply with the law in a more regulated crypto and token sale landscape, ICOs will now have to register and regulate token buyers. A proper KYC process is also now a requirement for big exchanges that will list the token so AirFox is trying to comply to the best of our ability for the long-term success of the token and of the company.

The “Public ICO” itself is only a formality to mint and distribute the tokens via our smart-contract.

TGE on October 10th — Token Contract Address:


Smart Contract:

We will perform the “formal” TGE on Tuesday October 10th at 12pm EST. The tokens will be minted, distributed and tradable immediately. Instead of having the Public ICO run for 30 days or until we reach the cap, the cap will already be reached through pre-vetted registration and whitelist sales resulting in an automatic close of the token sale, triggering the TGE.

3) Slack Shut Down — All Official Communication through Telegram

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.