AirToken Micro-Loans explained — Airtime P2P micro-financing on the blockchain

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A lot of people have asked us how exactly the micro-loans will work in greater technical detail. We’ve posted an additional white-paper that explains the micro-loan system for those interested in the mechanics of how this P2P system will function via AirFox’s AirToken Dapp. Please read the micro-loans technical whitepaper.

A decentralized financial system can unlock capital for billions of people. The AirToken aims to be the de facto currency that gives users in emerging markets access to mobile capital through a network of prepaid wireless carriers. Our platform extends the existing telecom infrastructure of prepaid carriers that operates as a bank for these subscribers, using airtime and mobile data as the recharge mechanism to provide capital access. The underserved may lack a bank account, but they have a prepaid account with the local wireless carrier. Our co-founder and CEO Victor Santos summarizes the dynamics and constraints of emerging market economies and how the blockchain can create value for the under-banked in his medium post: “How Blockchain Will Unlock Access to Capital in Emerging Market Economies

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