AirToken Team Communication Schedule & Crypto Industry Event Update

2 min readOct 27, 2017

Hello AirToken Community — In an effort to establish clear and fluid communication between the AirFox team and AirToken community, we are rolling out and implementing a formalized communication calendar:

Weekly Management Team Member Telegram Town Hall — Fridays at 3pm EST — Every week a member from the management team will stop by in our Telegram channel to say hi and discuss about a topic the community is interested in for no longer than 10 minutes. This will start next Friday, November 3rd with our CEO; Victor. The following week will will feature our CTO James on November 10th. Christine To will go on November 17th

Bi-Weekly Update — Fridays at 3:00pm EST — Every two weeks, we will provide an overview on what the AirFox team as a whole has been working on. We will also use this post as an opportunity to announce upcoming plans for the company in the following categories: Business (Marketing, Partnerships, Execution) and Engineering. These updates will be posted to the following channels/websites: Telegram,, Reddit, Twitter,, Facebook, Kakao, the AirToken newsletter ( This will start Friday November 10th.

Monthly Engineering Update — First Friday of each month at 3:00pm EST — Our CTO and/or senior member our technical team will provide an in-depth update of the company from an engineering standpoint. This will include the status on the development of our application(s), future planned products and/or platforms, and any other relevant news. This will start Friday December 1st.

Quarterly AMA (Ask me anything) Live-streamed video call- Last Friday at 3pm PST of each quarter — Once a quarter, the management team will do a live video stream where the AirToken community will be able to send in questions that they would like answered. The live-stream will occur on YouTube Live. This will start Friday March 30th, 2018.

Annual Business Strategy Update — Last Month of our fiscal year (December) at 3pm EST on the last Friday of December — Our CEO will examine the company’s performance throughout the prior year. The CEO will go through the company’s comprehensive strategic plan for the upcoming year, discuss financial update/metrics, and give a high-level breakdown on how the firm aims to accomplish these goals. This will start December 29th, 2017.

Also, for those of you who will be in NYC next week for the Blockchain Economic Forum 2017; Victor Santos (CEO), Christine To (Director of Business Operations), and Omeed Zarrin (Manager of Business Operations) will be attending. Feel free to keep an eye out for us at the event or you can ping us on LinkedIn.




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