AirToken White-list Next Steps and MyEtherWallet Announcement

Yesterday, we opened our AirToken White-list for our supporters to register ahead of time for the AirToken ICO with their KYC information.

The response has been huge! We capped each individual purchaser at $50,000 USD, and even with this limitation we will have no problem selling out AirToken. This will allow a diverse group of people to participate in the AirToken project.

We have been contacted by many people who want to change their KYC information. Next week we will deploy a web app to modify your KYC and AirToken purchase information. We will announce this, so there is no need to email us asking for changes to your information.

We are also building a web app to automate the process of collecting ETH. We will not contact anyone on the white-list telling you to send ETH. We will direct you to a website hosted at the domain to finish the AirToken purchase process. Anyone who contacts you saying anything else is a scammer! Don’t be a victim!

Next week, we will announce when the AirToken purchase web app will be live, and announce a date for the token generation event (ICO).

MyEtherWallet AirToken Integration

We are happy to announce that MyEtherWallet now lists the AIR symbol. Anyone who uses MyEtherWallet will be able to see how much AIR they hold immediately after the token generation event (ICO). We appreciate their support!

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