AirToken White-list Sale Information & Exchange Updates

Last Friday, we closed the AirToken (AIR) white-list. The AIR white-list received overwhelming interest from the crypto community!

AirToken Sale Website:

We will contact people from the white-list in the order they signed up to complete the purchase of AIR later this week. We will announce that we are doing this before we contact anyone. *Do Not* send ETH until the official announcement and you are contacted to complete the AIR purchase form at the official AirToken Sale Website.

Bookmark — it is the only way to purchase AIR. Don’t be a victim! Always check that the URL is hosted at!

The official AirToken ETH wallet address is 0x762C0f710cddBAE48d121f87AF45B392cEc2C815

Etherscan of AirToken ETH Wallet:

Anyone who contacts you to send ETH to any other address is a scammer. *DO NOT* send ETH until you are let off the white-list and complete the AirToken purchase form only at

Exchange Updates

We are happy to announce that AIR will be traded on EtherDelta immediately following token generation on October 5th. AIR will now be listed on EtherDelta and HitBTC. We are in discussions with several more exchanges, which will be announced following the token generation event.

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