banQi gets a new look

A new UI, better card security, and more updates from the Airfox team.

4 min readMay 7, 2020

Airfox constantly strives to innovate and find new ways to improve our users’ experience with banQi. Since its launch in June 2019, we have built new features and developed better ways to make the app as accessible and simple as possible in order to offer the underbanked a fair and viable banking option.

Recently we reached 500,000 downloads on the Google Play store, won various awards, and partnered with several Brazilian organizations to support the most vulnerable through the current crisis. But, we’ve also remained focused on improving our banQi app and developing much-needed services for our users.

banQi has a sleek, new UI design

the new UI

We recently revamped the user interface of our banQi app. With a lighter and cleaner look, banQi is now easier to navigate for our users. While we liked the old design, this UI is more polished and furthers our mission of making financial services more accessible and simple for our users.

Through user testing and feedback, we identified areas of improvement which we incorporated into the new design to create a smoother experience across all features, from transferring money to paying for a Spotify subscription.

the old UI
banQi’s old UI was not as sleek or intuitive as the newer version.

banQi now available on iOS

picture showing banQi on the App Store

banQi is now available for download on iOS devices through the Apple Store, meaning that Brazilians with Apple products can now access and use banQi. Opening banQi to the thousands of iPhone users in Brazil supports expansion to additional target audiences.

Making banQi cards more secure

banQi cards arriving in Brazil

We’ve made activating physical cards more secure and safe for our users. To activate their banQi card, the user must first wait until their card is delivered and then use the last four digits of the card to activate it on the app. Once the card is active, the user can immediately begin spending their money.

Before this change, cards were activated using the user’s pin code. By changing the activation process, we are preventing potential fraud or confusion. This new feature allows users to see that banQi and their money is secure, creating an overall better banking experience.

In-app payment options now includes Uber

services in banQi that can be paid for in-app
These services and games are just some of those offered to banQi users.

Previously we shared that banQi users can buy credits in the app to use on popular entertainment services such as Spotify and Google Play Store. We’re proud to announce that Uber is now an option as well.

Brazilians without credit cards or bank accounts usually pay for these services by buying physical gift cards for various service providers. By buying these gift cards through banQi, users can manage these transitions digitally without traveling or using cash.

Users can purchase an Uber e-gift card on banQi to add funds to their Uber account.

Users can use their banQi balance to purchase an Uber e-gift card which they can then redeem on the Uber app to pay for rides. Users can still use their banQi balance to pay for public transportation, but the addition of Uber to our in-app payment options provides users with more convenient options for paying for transportation.

What’s coming next?

The Airfox team is prioritizing areas of improvement and new features based on user feedback, data, and the needs of our users during the current pandemic. Working in tandem with our partner, Via Varejo, we’re fast-tracking several banQi feature updates to simplify financial services and make banQi even more accessible. We’re excited to share these innovative features with our banQi users soon and continue to make a positive impact on their lives.

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