Did someone say 100k downloads?

What are some of the most exciting times for a company? Maybe new employees, or partnerships, or for some maybe milestones within the product goals? Airfox experienced all of this and more during August, and we have gathered it all in one place for you!

banQi download success

Airfox’s digital banking service banQi hit 100,000 Google Play Store downloads in August!! Our revolutionary app has also received over 1,300 reviews on Google Play, with an average 4.4 overall rating. Read the user reviews here.

New partners launch Airfox to new heights

Airfox has partnered with artificial intelligence leader Zest Finance. The partnership supports Airfox’s initiative to provide users with fair and reliable credit scores, even for those who are ignored by traditional Brazilian banks. Read further details about the partnership here.

Airfox is in the running to speak at SXSW 2020!

The South by Southwest conference is one of the most prominent gatherings of technology, music, arts, and innovation in the United States, and Airfox CEO Victor Santos is in the running to join the conversation! Victor was part of the Panelpicker voting process where the community votes to select which speakers they want to see at SXSW 2020. Voting has already closed, but you can still visit Victor’s submission page while we wait for the results!

Read about Victor’s submission, and what the selection process is after community voting here.

We continue to welcome new faces to the team

Since the start of 2019 we have hired over 50 new employees, and the Airfox team in total has grown over 400% since this time a year ago. We caught up with a group of the newest members of our team to see why the Airfox mission is important to them! Meet the new team members.

Airfox talks emerging markets at MPC 2019

Airfox executive vice president Justin Hoffmann joined other industry leaders at the 2019 Mobile Payment Conference in August! The three-day conference explored various innovative and inspiring leaders in the world of digital payments. Justin represented Airfox during a panel on ‘Mobile Money in Emerging Markets: Financial Access for the Next 3 Billion’, bringing banQi’s initiatives into the conversation.

Read more about Airfox’s conference experience here.

Airfox awarded best in customer experience!

Airfox was awarded the Aite Group Digital Impact Innovation Award in the category of Customer Experience! The award exemplifies Airfox’s focus on providing users with convenient and affordable banking services, as well as 24/7, people-friendly customer support whenever a user experiences an inconvenience. The awards are presented at the Mobile Payment Conference, and winners are selected based off of multiple criteria points.

Read more details about the award.

We explored the real impacts technology is making in Brazil

Technology is changing the way people do every-day tasks around the world, and Brazil is no different! The Brazilian traditional banking system is ripe for disruption, and our digital banking service banQi is already providing users with a convenient alternative that fits seamlessly into their daily lives.

Read about how Airfox is combining technology with financial inclusion.

Finding funding for a startup is hard: made harder by being an immigrant

CEO Victor Santos joined journalist Hayden Field on her podcast “How Success Happens” to talk about what it was like starting a business as an immigrant. Fundraising for a startup is the biggest challenge when the idea is still young, but Victor’s experiences as an immigrant interacting with investors demonstrate the hardships immigrants face trying to find their American dream.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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