Employee spotlight: Katie’s story

How Airfox’s VP of marketing found passion to connect the world using technology

Katie and her dad playing the mud in Georgia.
The family traveled out of Guatemala in the above Toyota Stout.
The route Katie’s family took from Guatemala through Central and South America up into the southeast of the US.
Katie with her mom and dad.

Growing up in Georgia

Growing up in Georgia, Katie with her mom and pet Angora rabbit, Caterpillar.
School picture day during elementary school.
Katie performing in a school play.

An unlikely pair: marketing and theater

Katie’s student id from Emerson.
Katie during her Freshman year at Emerson.
An image of Katie from her post-college years.

World records & long tongues

An example of personal ads Katie would create while working at the Boston Phoenix.

Finding the right fit

Cover of International Figure Skating magazine, a title Katie worked on at Madavor Media.
Katie with a coworker at an event.

Merging technology with emerging markets

Katie’s father working on a dig in Copan, Honduras.
Katie (top left of this picture) visited India as part of her work to bring emerging markets better access to mobile internet.

Joining Airfox

Early Airfox team visiting Brazil.
The Airfox team has grown significantly since Katie started with the company in October of 2017.
Katie and her dad visiting Guatemala.
Katie’s dad leading a tour in Honduras.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com

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