Empowering student growth and leadership

College students get the full startup experience with Airfox

Airfox employees with some of recent co-ops Jessie (far left) and Jenny and Elizabeth (far right).

Meet our product manager co-ops

Jenny, a current Airfox co-op, visiting Europe.
Elizabeth, a current Airfox co-op, speaking on a panel at school about Impostor Syndrome.
Jessie, a prior Airfox co-op, visiting Jerusalem.

Choosing Airfox

Elizabeth preparing for the first Interventions conference.
Jenny after completing a half-marathon.

Leadership is key in this co-op experience

Jessie painting as part of a Hillel activity on Northeastern’s campus.

Toss out your expectations

Jenny participating in a haunted house event.
Elizabeth enjoys using her design experience on Airfox projects, something she wasn’t expecting to use during her time at the company.

Real product implications in co-op work

Where do they go from here?

Elizabeth competing in a triathlon for the Northeastern team.
Jenny at the Harry Potter studios.

Do you want the opportunity to have the co-op experience with Airfox?

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com

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