Engineering department sees new features and team members

Spring 2019 updates from the engineering team at Airfox

We apologize for the radio silence, but the engineering side of Airfox is quite busy! There are many changes to the app ranging from the development of new features to the staff helping to create it, and we can’t keep it from you any longer.

Engineers Ken and Tibor are excited about the new app updates

Partnership with Casas Bahia

Since October’s update, Airfox’s partnership with Via Varejo allows customers to interact with the app through new physical locations in Brazil. The partnership stems from Casas Bahia’s focus on Brazilian customers in need of affordable ways to purchase necessary household items. Through the partnership, Airfox app users are given a physical place to interact with people. Casas Bahia locations are ideal for Airfox users who are already regularly visiting the stores.

Trained and eager cashiers in Brazil help users work with the new features

What’s new

There have been many engineer-specific developments to the Airfox app, ranging from smaller and more specific additions, to large, consumer-focused changes.

  • Transport recharge
  • Mobile recharge
  • P2P transfer

Next steps

These new additions might seem like a lot, but there is still much more to be built!

Looking ahead to the future

Airfox is proud to show continued growth, both internally as well as with our partner Via Varejo. By aligning our features and goals with Via Varejo we aim to work together to build a life-changing mobile banking app. Airfox hopes to see further expansion into Casas Bahia stores in the future, allowing us to reach more users across Brazil.

Casas Bahia stores have a widespread presence in Brazil

Some new faces!

Jerry Harris and Demond Pieri both joined the Airfox leadership team, bringing immense experience and new ideas to their respective departments. Jerry joins as the Vice President of Engineering, and Desmond as interim Chief Operating Officer. You can read more about their backgrounds and reasons for choosing Airfox here.

Desmond (Des) Pieri and Jerry Harris join Airfox’s growing leadership team
Tibor joins the engineering team as a backend engineer

Want to join Airfox?

Airfox is constantly looking for new, innovative minds to join the team. We currently have job postings in the engineering department. If you’re interested, please apply through our LinkedIn posts, or email

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