Engineering department sees new features and team members

We apologize for the radio silence, but the engineering side of Airfox is quite busy! There are many changes to the app ranging from the development of new features to the staff helping to create it, and we can’t keep it from you any longer.

Engineers Ken and Tibor are excited about the new app updates

Last you heard from engineering, we launched more security features which included adding a PIN to protect users from unauthorized people entering their account. We also worked to make the app fit more conveniently into the life of a daily user, and found one solution in the initial stages of the cash deposit feature. With increasing feedback from customers and staff in Brazil, our engineers continue to develop consumer-friendly features.

Partnership with Casas Bahia

Since October’s update, Airfox’s partnership with Via Varejo allows customers to interact with the app through new physical locations in Brazil. The partnership stems from Casas Bahia’s focus on Brazilian customers in need of affordable ways to purchase necessary household items. Through the partnership, Airfox app users are given a physical place to interact with people. Casas Bahia locations are ideal for Airfox users who are already regularly visiting the stores.

Airfox’s partnership helped to launch the deposit feature, allowing customers to bring their cash to select Casas Bahia locations in Sao Paulo and deposit it to their Airfox app. This feature was appreciated by customers, and allows us to provide a banking option for the underbanked.

Trained and eager cashiers in Brazil help users work with the new features

Both Airfox and Via Varejo embraced the experience of working with an engineering team on the other side of the world. Boston product manager Maura describes the Via Varejo engineers she’s worked with as “hardworking and always excited about updates and improvements.”

“They’ve met with us in person in Boston a few times, which has been a great experience to let us align our visions.”

What’s new

There have been many engineer-specific developments to the Airfox app, ranging from smaller and more specific additions, to large, consumer-focused changes.

Better user security. Users now receive an email verification when creating their account, as well as the ability to reset their Airfox account password.

Payment receipts. Users now have access to receipts for different types of payments. We know it is important for our customers to keep track of their payments and money transfers, so our engineers officially added the ability for customers to receive receipts when they complete different types of transactions, including:

  • Bank deposits
  • Transport recharge
  • Mobile recharge
  • P2P transfer

Internal translation. One feature our team at Airfox created to improve customer experience with the app is the translation of internal Airfox tools into Portuguese. We ca now build our customer support team in Brazil to cut back on the time it takes for customers’ issues to be resolved.

Call center security. Following the addition of our call center in Brazil, we have taken steps to ensure that user’s account information will only be given to those who need it. Implementing the Keycloak software allows Airfox’s user success team to designate different access levels to teams and individuals, giving users the security that their personal information cannot be seen by all employees.

Word choice. We learned that initial app design allowed for areas of confusion for users, so we made changes to word choice and design on different sections of the app.

Next steps

These new additions might seem like a lot, but there is still much more to be built!

Useful receipts The next step in the transaction receipt process is user ability to digitally send receipts. This is a developing feature we hope to see simplify user experience.

Improving cash deposit We also are improving the cash deposit aspect of the app. When the process is complete, Airfox users can begin entering the amount of money to deposit into their Airfox app, which sends them a code to bring to an ATM or bank location. The deposit locations then transfer the cash into the user’s Airfox account. “We want users to see their accounts update quickly when they make a deposit,” says Boston product manager Max. “The cash deposit process is still developing to keep making it easier for customers.”

Withdrawal Customers also expressed a need to withdraw their money from the Airfox app to their bank accounts. Customers need to have access to their money at all times, which will be possible with this addition.

Airfox’s goals and new additions to the app share the overarching goal of helping customers use their money to pay bills quicker than they could before.

Looking ahead to the future

Airfox is proud to show continued growth, both internally as well as with our partner Via Varejo. By aligning our features and goals with Via Varejo we aim to work together to build a life-changing mobile banking app. Airfox hopes to see further expansion into Casas Bahia stores in the future, allowing us to reach more users across Brazil.

Casas Bahia stores have a widespread presence in Brazil

We are also in the early phase of integrating a prepaid credit card option as a way for customers to gain access to their money. We will provide continued updates on these long-term goals for the app.

Some new faces!

Jerry Harris and Demond Pieri both joined the Airfox leadership team, bringing immense experience and new ideas to their respective departments. Jerry joins as the Vice President of Engineering, and Desmond as interim Chief Operating Officer. You can read more about their backgrounds and reasons for choosing Airfox here.

Desmond (Des) Pieri and Jerry Harris join Airfox’s growing leadership team

Tibor Mirkovic joins Airfox as a backend engineer to drive app development. As a computer scientist and engineer, Tibor brings unique experience and expertise working with servers, databases, and cutting-edge applications.

Tibor joins the engineering team as a backend engineer

Most importantly, Tibor shares Airfox’s mission to create technology that has a positive impact on the world. As a software engineer at Image Insight, Tibor contributed to developing an application that detects radiation. He is eager to use his skills as a developer to enable previously unimaginable possibilities for individuals living in emerging markets.

The Airfox team has grown in all departments since the start of the new year, and we look forward to introducing everyone in the upcoming weeks!

Want to join Airfox?

Airfox is constantly looking for new, innovative minds to join the team. We currently have job postings in the engineering department. If you’re interested, please apply through our LinkedIn posts, or email

Security Engineer — The successful candidate will possess domain knowledge on security compliance and be a key member of our team building controls and driving adherence to the security control requirements.

Lead Backend Engineer/Architect — The successful candidate will help define the overall architecture and development of new products and enhancements for our back-end platform.


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