Excess AirTokens Burnt

On October 10th, 2017, AirFox burnt 8,507,442 AirTokens. A total of 1.491 billion AirTokens were minted, out of which 69.8% were allocated to the public through our token sale and bounty programs.

We had indicated that the excess tokens, upon the successful completion of our TGE, will be destroyed. Staying true to our promise, we are reiterating that the stated excess AirTokens were burnt on TGE day following the minting of AirTokens.

The excess AirTokens was a result of the failed KYC/AML screening and accredited investor verification (US Citizens) each token sale participant had to pass in order to purchase AirTokens.

The updated number of existing AirTokens is now 1,491,492,558. That being said, the number of tokens sold was 1,041,492,558.

Finally, we will work with CoinMarketCap and other related online portals to display the updated circulation and total supplies.

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