Jan 27, 2021

3 min read

Forecasting FinTech in 2021: A Movement Matures

A lot has changed in the world lately, and a lot is changing in the world of FinTech as well.

A banQi pre-paid card is next to a cellphone showing the banQi app and its options to withdraw, deposit, and transfer money
banQi users can conveniently deposit, withdraw, pay CDCs and use a virtual card all from their device, as well as use a physical banQi card.
  • Where traditional branch banking is increasingly expensive and inconvenient to low-income and rural neighborhoods, we supply branchless banking and make money accessible through an easy-to-use mobile app and convenient physical retail locations.
  • Where traditional credit scores exclude people who don’t have complete financial histories and deny worthy applicants as too risky and expensive for lending, we plan to employ machine learning and data science to generate more equitable and inclusive creditworthiness calculations.
  • Where people are left out, we find a way to let them in.