How user-centered design powers Airfox’s product development

What is UX research?

A lot of companies assume more knowledge of the user than they actually have. They bypass speaking to users in favor of indirect sources of information. It’s easy to tell ourselves these types of stories:

  • Our competitors have this feature, so our users must want it too!
  • We already get user feedback successfully through support and analytics!
Airfox team member Bruna in São Paulo discussing user needs with a Casas Bahia employee.

Keeping the user at the forefront

At Airfox, a focus on the user is not just restricted to UX: all of our team members value a deep understanding and relationship with our target audience.

Badaró conducting usability testing with wireframe prototypes of the banQi app.
Street vendor in Brazil giving feedback on several concepts for the new banQi home screen during a guerrilla testing project led by Badaró designers

Design iteratively and test efficiently

Iteration is an important part of design — particularly when it comes to entering new markets. Many of our users have never used a mobile banking platform, and some may never have had a bank account in their name. There’s a learning curve for both users and designers as the designers tackle the challenge of learning how to make something that’s new yet familiar.

Emma discussing sketches with product manager Max
Sketches by Marco Moreira, a UX designer at Badaró
Example of an app prototype

UX at Airfox

Emma is the first full-time UX designer at Airfox. She’s passionate about expanding the design team to include others who are excited about solving unique design problems and spending quality time talking to end users.



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