ICO date moved to October 5th — Beware of scammers

Hello everyone, given the need to be extra compliant we’ve decided to move the ICO to Thursday, October 5th. We announced 11 days ago that we had to move the date from September 19th given compliance and KYC requirements and now October 5th is the official AirToken ICO date. Please ignore any scammers on slack, telegram or e-mail saying otherwise. We will not request ETH.

Scammers have set-up illegal e-mails and domains with airtokens.org, air-token.com THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL DOMAINS AND WILL RESULT IN SCAMS.

Remember the only official URL is www.airtoken.com make sure to check the hiding links to make sure that is the right domain. As of now the ICO is delayed and NO ONE SHOULD BE SENDING ETHER UNTIL OFFICIALS FROM THE REAL AIRFOX TEAM MAKE THE PROPER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Look below for a SAMPLE scammer e-mails. The www.airtoken.com link is in fact air-token.com (they’ve hidden the link behind the text). This is fraud and a scam. If you receive this e-mail, ignore because this is not AirFox and Contribution is not live.

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