June monthly review

From new employees to a new brand, June was a busy month at Airfox. We announced new partnerships, dove into user-centered app design, and expanded our customer service team with the addition of an outstanding call center in Brazil. Take a look back to last month’s biggest accomplishments.

Launch of new digital challenger bank

Newly branded banQi name and logo.

After months of being in stealth, Airfox launched our re-branded app, banQi. Using the original Airfox app foundation, banQi offers Brazil affordable banking solutions. Empowering those who are ignored and mistreated by big banks, banQi is bringing human-centered banking solutions to Brazil.

Read more about the launch of banQi.

We have three new major partners!

A prototype banQi physical card

Have you ever heard of Mastercard? Airfox has partnered with this global financial services provider, as well as Cielo payments systems and Zurich Insurance to provide banQi users with flexible insurance and payment services.

Read the complete partnership announcement.

Expansion across São Paulo

Casas Bahia employee with the banQi app.

banQi can be downloaded and used anywhere in Brazil, but what differentiates us from other mobile banking services is our in-person experience available at select Casas Bahia stores. We expanded from two Casas Bahia locations to 34 across São Paulo, providing more convenient options for Brazilians to interact with their bank representatives while making their usual trip to the store.

See more about the partnership.

Our customer support staff has more than doubled in size

Airfox director of user success Felipe Cine speaking to some of the new BPO customer service staff.

To prepare for new user growth, our customer success team hired and trained a group of customer service agents. Thanks to CSU CardSystem in São Paulo, we were able to have up to 50 hardworking agents ready to support banQi users over the phone, through in-app chat, and email 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

See more about our newest additions to the customer success team.

New features in the app

App screenshot demonstrating the option for users to transfer their money to their bank account.

New users will be able to experience new banking features in the app, including the ability to transfer money from the app directly to their bank account. We also implemented rewards and bonus features for select users of the app, as well as updated images and copy to eliminate user confusion.

Read more about the new features in the app.

The user comes first in our design process

Sketches created during the design process for banQi.

We got detailed about app design last month. Our UX designers partnered with a Brazilian design team to work directly with our target audience to learn how we solve pain points with the app. The steps the UX team went through and the resulting impact on our was detailed in a piece co-authored by Airfox UX designer Emma. Read Emma’s article here.

Meet the new Airfox team members!

Airfox Boston team

The Airfox team is growing! Our innovative groups in both Boston and São Paulo have more than doubled in size over the past year. We introduced some of the newest hires in a recent article, including multiple additions to the marketing and finance teams. They might be new to Airfox, but our recent hires come from extensive backgrounds and diverse professional experiences. Read the individual bios from our new team members.

We’ve got numbers to back it up

banQi has already been installed over 50,000 in the Google play store

Since the launch of banQi, the number of new users has grown rapidly. We’ve had over 50,000 new installs of the app through the Google play store. Users are happy to share their experiences with banQi too! One user says banQi “changed the way I use my money”. Check out what more users had to say.

Visit our website for more information on Airfox’s banking initiatives.



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