Monthly Recap — June 2018

A busy month for AirToken and Airfox

5 min readJul 3, 2018

The Airfox platform has grown immensely over the past few months. As we move toward scaling the Android app, the AirToken community has been very engaged in the helping to bring the product to market. As we strive forward, we must continue to keep our focus on the big picture.

The man behind the mission

Read Victor Santos’s thoughts on building a vision to guide the company’s future.

Airfox is about service. From the beginning, the intention of the team has been providing financial services to those who are most in need of them. Part of this service is inherently tied to keeping the Airfox community involved and up-to-date. The team works hard to not only ensure impeccable financial services, but foster a community built around a few guiding principles. Primarily, the vision presented by Victor provides the team with a direction when improving Airfox products and services. The project is built around these ideals and the community deserves to share in these thoughts.

One of the core values that Victor and Co. believe in is continuing focus and purpose across all aspects of operation. As Victor said, “Obviously, a company’s vision is not enough. A company requires a stellar team, a quality product, a large market to operate in, capital funding, and great execution; these serve as essential ingredients to develop a company’s foundation. This foundation transforms the company into a world-class contender.”

However, a vision can only take you so far. You need a plan and persistence to grow and expand to the point where you can serve as many individuals and their needs as possible. Victor shares these ideas in his second article regarding the future of Airfox. This project may be limited to services in Brazil right now, but the plan is much bigger. By explaining the current problems facing underfinanced individuals, presenting a vision, laying out a product mission, and clarifying objectives, we hope to improve Airfox’s position in the financial service market while updating individuals who believe in the project.

Watch Victor answer your questions:

Bug hunters: You break it, we buy it

The Airfox team is looking to promote engagement and build awareness for our blockchain-based financial services platform by recruiting experienced Bug Hunters. The Hunters will be searching the Airfox products and report back with any bugs, glitches, or malfunctions within the products. The best part? You get paid.*

Why bug hunt?

Airfox is looking to strengthen its existing products through controlled chaos. Airfox is proud of its existing offerings and services that are providing not only financial services to the underbanked in Brazil, but information and opportunities to get involved around the world. While the team has worked hard to ensure the highest quality user experience, we also understand that part of developing is refining platforms to account for any unintentional operations: bugs.

Users are interacting with Airfox products and platforms every day. Now, we want to hear about their experiences and suggestions. We’re accepting applications from qualified users, community members, and professionals to try be a part of our Bug Hunter team. This is an opportunity for interested parties to become members of the Airfox team and help perfect the experience for those users who rely on the Airfox app every day for their financial services.

Bug Hunters will be eligible to receive financial compensation for the identification and report of any undesired operations within any Airfox platform. This includes the Airfox app, dApp, and website. Users across the globe will be joining together to help improve the Airfox experience and contribute to the financial revolution.

Submit your application here

* Terms and conditions apply

June timeline of activities

Looking forward: Airfox IRL

Airfox will be launching an initiative to engage Airfox enthusiasts around the globe in a face-to-face environment. The team will be accepting applications from potential recruits and selecting the most promising Airbassadors. Airbassadors will be trained by the Airfox team and funded to host in-person meetups with other Airfox fans in their areas. Be sure to monitor the AirToken Telegram for information and application forms in the upcoming weeks.

AirToken community on Telegram

We recently ran a survey to get to know the people in our Telegram chat. Here are some of the results.

Get to know the people in the Airfox Telegram!
A passionate group working together to make Airfox a success. Thank you!

We’d love for you to join us.

The AirToken by Airfox platform enables financial inclusion for the billions of people around the world who are underserved by traditional banking systems. Powered by mobile and blockchain, Airfox aims to democratize financial services, make access to capital easier, and narrow the wealth gap between rich and poor. For more information:




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