Moving AirTokens from Airfox Browser to the new app

During the ICO, Airfox released the Airfox Browser for Android as a beta for proof on concept and demo purposes. With the launch of the new Airfox app in Brazil, we have decommissioned the Airfox Browser. It will no longer available on Google Play, as mentioned in James’s last engineering update.

AirTokens in Airfox Browser

The AirTokens earned in the Airfox Browser were a placeholder for the real token. They displayed as 100x their real value for visual purposes (i.e. make users feel like they were earning more), and redemption for mobile data similarly was priced at 100x its normal value.

As described in the white paper, the Airfox Browser beta app was not using the blockchain, as it was released before the AirToken was launched to show token purchasers how our app would work.

AirTokens in the new app

The tokens in the recently released Airfox app are a 1:1 value with real AIR. However, internally they are stored in a relational database, per our white paper’s description. The dApp that we are releasing very soon will allow deposit to and withdraw from the mobile app using the ETH blockchain.

When the ETH network allows small volume ERC20 transactions to be cost effectively transferred, we will potentially migrate wallet accounts to the real ETH network. If ETH doesn’t solve the scaling problem, we may use an internal blockchain to allow microtransactions of AIR using Hyperledger Fabric, Tendermint, or another similar technique.

Moving your Browser AirTokens to the new app

There is no need to worry about the AirTokens earned in the Airfox Browser, they’re not lost!

With the launch of the new app, we have migrated tokens from the old browser account to the new app. When a user from the Airfox Browser registers with the same mobile number to the new Airfox app, AirTokens from the Browser will be transferred at a rate of 1/100th the amount. This will make sure we show correct AIR amounts going forward, and users will still be able to continue to earn AirTokens in the new app.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in Discord or message us on Twitter.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion.