New Airfox app beta now available & AirToken dApp GitHub repository [Announcement]

  • Recharging your own or another person’s phone
  • Transferring money to another user within the app (a-la Venmo)
  • Remittances
  • Depositing cash into the app via Boleto at more than 40,000 locations across Brazil. Boleto is a very common and popular system in Brazil for paying with fiat currency, especially for the unbanked.
AirToken dApp version 1.0 design
  • Release the initial loan application feature in the Android app so that users can apply for and receive loans in Brazil
  • Continue to polish the app to fix bugs, improve performance, simplify the UX, and finish missing features (like the Profile tab)
  • Release a new version of the AirToken dApp that allows AIR to be sent to users of Airfox Android app or redeemed directly for airtime and mobile data. This is also a good tool for remittances.



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