New faces bring fresh ideas to start the summer

Introducing the newest additions to the Airfox team

7 min readJun 25, 2019


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play.” H.E. Luccock

Our orchestra is expanding here at Airfox, with uniquely talented individuals joining our mission to create fair banking options for the underbanked people around the world. Each of our new members come from different backgrounds and have ranging skill sets, from newly graduated scholars to well-trained business professionals.

Joining the Airfox team requires a mix of passion and determination to push past barriers and create innovative solutions every day. We are happy to introduce you to the newest people that have shown they have what it takes to join our fast-paced startup!


Soumee Roy, mobile QA tester — Boston

Soumee joins Airfox as a Mobile QA tester. She is responsible for executing multiple types of functional testing within Airfox products. She is involved in creating and reviewing test specifications and scripts to improve quality and effectiveness during the software development lifecycle. Having previously worked at Motorola Solutions Inc. as a test engineer, Soumee enjoys the challenge of learning a new role. Soumee graduated from University of Massachusetts in Lowell with a masters in electrical and computer engineering. At Airfox, she is happy to apply her skills to a company that betters the quality of life of its users.

“Airfox is providing simple, accessible banking solutions for all the people in Brazil, and I am lucky to contribute to a product that is doing so much good for real people” says Soumee.

User success

Bruno Circarelli, user success associate — Boston

Bruno joins the user success team with over 10 years of customer support experience. He previously worked serving the underbanked in the auto finance industry at First Help Financial. Bruno now hopes to expand his knowledge into the field of data science and analytics, where he believes he will gain even more insights and develop customer-centric processes that guarantee satisfaction. Graduating from Bunker Hill Community College with a degree in business administration, Bruno is happy to be working at Airfox, where he can combine his different career interests.

“I am passionate about finance, tech, and people. Nothing has been more rewarding than bringing a product forward that will truly impact countless lives in so many ways,” Bruno says about his time so far with the Airfox user success team. “Everyday I get to work with amazing people to bring solutions that help support ambitions of millions of people.


Claudia Taylor, HR lead — Boston

Claudia joins the team as Airfox’s first HR team member. With plans to grow the HR team in both São Paulo and Boston, Claudia is passionate about establishing the strongest possible company culture. Having obtained her graduate degree in human resources from Northeastern University, Claudia has already lead successful HR teams with her positive and welcoming attitude. She’s worked for large insurance agencies in the past and has experience with recruiting, sourcing, and onboarding qualified employees. Claudia has already played a huge role in Airfox’s consistent growth and was initially drawn to Airfox because of the company’s devoted team.

“It’s not always the norm to see a team this dedicated to the mission of the company,” says Claudia. “I’m inspired to work every day to provide the best services to the employees at Airfox.”


Livia Tateyama, product marketing specialist — Boston

Livia joins the quickly growing marketing team after having worked at Airfox part-time over the past year. Originally from Brazil, Livia has been living in the US for the past 6 years, and she recently acquired her MBA with a concentration in marketing from Babson College. Her past experience includes work as an interior designer in São Paulo, where she received her bachelor’s degree in architecture. Livia joined Airfox because of its mission and commitment to promote financial inclusion in her home country of Brazil and is very happy to be part of the Airfox team.

“I’m thrilled to work with such talented people,” exclaims Livia. “Working at Airfox is an adventure, everything moves and changes really fast — and I love it!”

Igor Cunha, marketing director — Brazil

Igor joins the team as an experienced leader with an extensive background in marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy, and development, Igor is ready to bring his innovative ideas into the Airfox marketing team. Serving as an important link between the Airfox marketing team and our partners at Via Varejo in Brazil, Igor is excited to establish the values and purpose of Airfox’s initiatives into measurable KPIs. Igor gained his bachelor’s and graduate degrees in marketing and business administration in Brazil, before earning his MBA at MIT in 2010. His past work experiences include a wide-variety of companies, from Starbucks and Helios Wire to his own juice company “Juice Me” that he founded in 2013. Igor is ready to take on the challenges Airfox presents him and hopes he can showcase technology as a positive agent of change to people around the world.

“I want to help Airfox build a sustainable business model,” says Igor. “We can use technology to create value and inclusion in people’s lives.”

Viviane Anjos, marketing analyst — Brazil

The marketing team is also happy to have Viviane join the São Paulo office. Viviane is a great fit to the Airfox team with her seven years prior experience in retail. She hopes to provide insight on different profiles for our target audience. Viviane has degrees in both business administration and human resources. Through her different professional experiences she is ready and qualified to contribute to the growth and success of Airfox.

“I am very happy to be part of the Airfox team and the marketing group,” says Viviane, “This is a great opportunity to make an impact on Brazilians who need a banking option.”

Business operations

Vi Le, business operations & strategy analyst — Boston

Vi joins the bizops team after working with Airfox part-time over the past year. Graduating with her masters in business analytics from Northeastern, Vi’s role involves data collection and assisting different Airfox teams with important analysis. Her past work experience includes two years with Apple in their Houston and Boston locations serving as a product specialist. She is passionate about contributing work to a startup that creates a social impact in the world, similar to her own business she co-founded in Boston called Urban Harvest, which connects economic principal and urban farming. She’s ready to fully take on Airfox’s mission.

“It’s a big mission, but also a very important one to turn around the financial inequality in an emerging country like Brazil,” Vi expresses. “With the team we have right now, I am confident that Airfox can thrive.”


André Idoeta, financial planning & analysis manager — Brazil

The finance team is happy to welcome André as the FP&A Manager. André brings leadership experience and an array of industry knowledge to Airfox. He has worked in many different industries, such as airline, education, retail, and renewable energy. André has degrees in both engineering and business administration. He will play a vital role in Airfox’s partnership with retail giant Via Varejo, where he spent more than three years of his professional career. By joining Airfox he hopes to help make a positive impact on the people of Brazil.

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to the Airfox project and be the agent of change to millions of families left aside by the Brazilian financial system.” says André.

Diego Silva, VP of finance and controller — Boston

Diego joins the Airfox team in Boston as the VP of finance and controller. Diego is an accomplished professional with broad accounting, finance, and tax experience. In his new role, Diego will direct both the day-to-day accounting operations, as well as the full financial reporting process. Diego spent the last eight years working with early stage companies helping them navigate the intricacies of growth. He brings an advanced skill set and a proven track record in helping businesses grow and thrive. Most recently, he served as VP of finance and corporate controller of iSpecimen, where he oversaw domestic and international business and was responsible for all global finance, accounting, treasury, tax, and capital management functions. Diego is well-prepared to join the Airfox team and contribute his ideas and expertise.

“I am excited to join the Airfox team to contribute to providing financial services to the underserved population in my native Brazil,” says Diego.

Our team is still growing! If you would like to work with these inspiring professionals in our Airfox Boston or São Paulo offices, please visit our website.




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