New year, new hires: Airfox welcomes talented team members

The Airfox team has continued to grow in both Boston and Brazil. Our new talent are experienced and passionate individuals who have already found a home in the company. Outside of work, you can catch these new hires traveling around the world, playing in rock n’ roll bands, or even piloting helicopters!

Business operations

Karen Yamada — compliance coordinator — São Paulo

Karen recently joined Airfox after spending four years at Edenred Brazil Payment Arrangement as a Compliance Analyst.

Here at Airfox, Karen monitors all transactions and performs testing to ensure that banQi is compliant with Brazil’s anti-corruption laws and regulations. Karen also helps implement Airfox’s internal Code of Ethics and Conduct and our compliance program across all departments.

Karen has been working in the compliance field for over a decade. Starting from publishing articles on sustainable compliance management while in college, Karen has worked her way up the ranks in various companies to reach new heights in her career.

I have gained the knowledge needed to be here and do the best for our banQi customers and our employees” says Karen.

Karen loves to fly around the world as evidenced by this picture of her at the airport.
Karen loves to travel whenever she can and enjoys boxing, fishing, meditating, and riding roller coasters.

Customer experience

Marcelo Desiderio — process coordinator — São Paulo

Marcelo, or Panda as most people call him, works with Airfox’s User Success team managing the processes and workflows to provide the best customer experience solutions for Airfox’s users.

Marcelo has worked in customer support and user experience roles for approximately eight years. Starting out as a support agent for Cognizant, he quickly became a support team leader. There he learned how to manage a team, analyze metrics, and optimize workflows.

“As a support team leader, I also gained experience in developing processes to optimize work for the team and deliver a better experience for customers,” says Marcelo.

Marcelo enjoying the decor and balloons at the banQi launch event.
Outside of work, Marcelo is a drummer and plays in the rock and roll band Alegorica.

Luiz Veloso — data specialist — São Paulo

Luiz joins our Airfox customer service team to provide insights into operational and product improvements. Before Airfox, Luiz received an undergraduate degree in Journalism and worked as a TV producer for some of Brazil’s biggest television networks.

Luiz developed a passion for customer service while working as a customer experience analyst for Uber’s Brazilian competitor, 99. During his time at 99, Luiz learned to value customer support through helping the company improve their Net Promoter Score by over 20 points in less than 6 months. Now at Airfox, Luiz wants to make Airfox’s customer support better than our competitors.

“My challenge here is to help the Airfox team have the best customer support in Brazil,” says Luiz. “I believe we can make it happen with a lot of work and focus.”

Luiz at the Vecchio Bridge in Florence, Italy in 2019.
Luiz is currently busy planning his wedding and loves watching crime dramas and listening to Brazilian music.


Renê Gimenez Fagiolo — senior finance analyst — São Paulo

New hire Renê plays an important role in the banking side of Airfox. He manages the company’s transaction and bank reconciliation, keeping our accounting records accurate and updated.

Renê has worked in finance for over thirteen years. Prior to Airfox, he worked as a financial analyst and specialist for several large enterprises such as iZette, JBS, and EPI-USE. From digital payments management to financial consulting, Renê has a diverse portfolio of skills and achievements.

In preparation for his career, Renê earned a BS in business administration and foreign trade before also getting his master’s in controllership management.

This is a headshot of René. René got his dog, Fox, before he started working at Airfox.
Renê can often be found playing tennis or spending time with his family and their pet dog, Fox.

Nathalia Pires — treasury coordinator — São Paulo

As treasury coordinator, Nathalia handles Airfox’s cash management, investments, and bank relationships. Her work helps set Airfox and our digital banking solutions up for success by ensuring cash flow.

Nathalia has a BA in business administration, an MBA in risk management and finance products, and an MBA Executive in finance. This extensive background in business and finance led Nathalia to begin working in treasury in 2004. Nathalia has since worked for several startups, banks, insurance companies, and credit card corporations.

Over the course of sixteen years, Nathalia has gained experience in overseeing cash management and investments, managing treasury teams, and establishing FIDCs. Her expertise makes Nathalia a great new addition to the Airfox family.

This is a headshot of Nathalia. Nathalia became a photographer to keep a record of all of her travels.
Nathalia is an avid traveler and photographer and loves to keep a record of her experiences.


Gustavo Chaves — product manager — São Paulo

Gustavo leads Airfox’s customer squad focusing on all of the banQi app’s account-related and general navigation features.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Gustavo has a personal connection to Brazil and its people. He knows there is opportunity to provide innovative technology to improve pain points Brazilians experience. He has a degree in social communication and a long work history of product development and ownership. Gustavo previously worked for Santander Bank, Access, PagSeguro, Schibsted, and Naspers.

Gustavo wanted to join a company that’s working to improve and positively impact the lives of his fellow Brazilians, which led him to Airfox.

“I joined Airfox in order to help Brazilians have a better relationship with money,” says Gustavo.

Gustavo at the beach at sunset.
In his free time, Gustavo enjoys visiting his family and friends in Rio de Janeiro and watching sports.

Menka Hariani — product manager, internal tools — Boston

Joining us after getting her degree from Harvard, Menka manages Airfox’s various mobile marketing and data analytics tools. From integration to implementation, Menka oversees it all.

Menka has worked for over 10 years in various product innovation and design roles. She previously worked as the Head of Product/Content for Mobifusion and as a product manager at Dun & Bradstreet.

On top of her impressive work experience, Menka holds a master’s degree in computer management and a second master’s degree in information management systems from Harvard University. She continues her relationship with Harvard by teaching an evening lecture.

After working at larger organizations, Menka sought a new experience where she could have more responsibility and could work directly with other innovators.

“The innovative culture of Airfox allows me to have a close contact with the founder and other leaders from whom I get to learn a lot on an everyday basis,” says Menka.

Menka during one of her helicopter piloting lessons.
Menka is currently taking lessons for helicopter piloting and is also a certified skydiver.

Henrique Junqueira — junior QA test analyst — São Paulo

In his role at Airfox, Henrique makes sure that the banQi app is bug-free and running smoothly. He constantly tests the app’s current and unreleased features, looking for bugs and areas of improvement.

Before coming to Airfox, Henrique worked at Itaú Unibanco as a digital commercial agent. He later left Itaú to become an app tester at Tester, and he was outsourced to Airfox in July 2019.

Henrique’s hard work and valuable insights led to him officially joining the Airfox team as an in-house QA test analyst.

Henrique in front of the Universal logo.
Despite being pictured with the Universal logo here, Henrique loves Star Wars.

Regina Murakoshi — product director — São Paulo

Regina is responsible for developing the business strategy behind Airfox’s product roadmap. She focuses on ensuring that the company has the right customer journey maps and clear value proposition.

Regina is highly educated, having a master’s degree in design, a master’s degree in business administration, and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. She has over ten years of experience working at the largest bank and global payment company in Latin America where she gained experience leading diverse teams.

Regina’s knowledge of project management, UX design, and innovation methods makes her a great addition to the Airfox team where she can apply her expertise to making banking more inclusive.

“I’m very excited to understand how we can design an incredible solution to address real problems for an unattended population,” says Regina.

Regina after one of her half marathons.
Regina loves to run and is currently training for her 3rd half marathon in April.

Want to join our team? Check out our open positions.

To learn more about Airfox and our amazing team, please visit our website and our blog.

Airfox New Hires: January 2020 — collage



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