Stories of entrepreneurship in Brazilian communities

Small business owners are experiencing life-changing lessons from Airfox’s education partner Novos Lideres Empreendedores

Fabiana: “Giving a voice to community issues”

Fabiana recently celebrated the six year anniversary of her community page.
Fabi, as she is known to those in her community, was inspired by the people she met who were doing good in her community, and wanted to recognize them for their efforts. She used her Facebook group to promote the Rocinha school band’s performance, highlighting the need for her community to gather and celebrate positive things like music and education.
Fabiana helped the organizers of an educational center run an event by discussing and promoting it in Rocinha em Foco. She uses her business to help bring attention to community initiatives.

Solange Gomes: “I want to learn how to better serve my customers.”

Solange in the building supply store she owns and manages with her husband.

Jussara: “Today, I truly love what I do.”

Jussara with some of her customized party-favor products.



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