Success in 2018 propels Airfox into 2019 and beyond

A look at what Airfox achieved in 2018 and what to expect moving forward

Happy New Year! The Airfox team wants to wish everyone a prosperous 2019.

2018 was packed with monumental accomplishments and announcements. From successfully launching the Airfox mobile app in Brazil to being named a top blockchain startup by TechCrunch and settling with the SEC to releasing a new white paper, the past year was one to remember. We will carry this momentum into 2019 as we focus on our partnerships, user growth, and new platform features.

Here are some of the many highlights from 2018:

Successfully launched in Brazil

“Airfox is a practical app and it’s fast. For me, it’s perfect.” — Airfox user Eliane (See her Airfox story here.)

The Airfox app grants Brazilians an enormous amount of economic mobility and added control over their finances. Setting up an Airfox account takes just a few minutes; and because we’re planning to build the platform on blockchain technology, we expect to offer more affordable rates, reduced transfer fees, and source capital for loans from around the world.

Industry recognition

Our CEO and co-founder Victor Santos was also recognized by MIT Technology Review as a 2018 Innovator Under 35 in Latin America. Highlighting individuals whose technical work promises to shape the coming decades, Victor was selected for his dedication to accelerating financial inclusion through technology.

Each award reinforces our vision of providing financial services to those who need it most. When we began this journey, we knew that there was a tremendous need for the services we now offer, but did not foresee such a positive response from our targeted markets and the global technology community. These prestigious awards inspire us to continue building the solution that will bring financial inclusion to all.

Katie Sedat accepting Best Overall Startup Award at the 2018 new.New Festival in Stuttgart, Germany.

Major retail partnership

Airfox launches its pilot program in two Casa Bahia stores located in São Paulo.

New hires

  • Former HSBC and PayPal Executive Gustavo Ribeiro named new president of Airfox Brazil.
  • Don Andrade hired as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help with Form 10 filing of AirToken.
  • Emanuel Moecklin promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) overseeing the engineering team.

2019 and beyond

Continue rolling out the Airfox Mobile app in more Via Varejo stores

As Airfox rolls out in more stores, we expect scaling user numbers to rapidly accelerate algorithmic improvement and alternative credit scoring development opportunity.

Upcoming features/announcements

Additionally, we plan to roll out a prepaid Airfox debit card, which is safer than carrying large amounts of cash, and alleviates users from worry about paying a credit card bill or falling into debt. In Brazil, this feature will be extremely beneficial to the millions who lack traditional credit history.

2019 will also bring new strategic partnerships for Airfox to expand app functionality and increase the number of locations where it can be used.

Over the course of the past year, the Airfox team has accomplished more than we could have imagined. 2019 promises to be a year for new milestones as we continue to build the platform that brings millions into the digital age. We can’t wait to share what’s on the horizon!

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