Taking customer experience to the next level in Brazilian banking

How Airfox is prioritizing Brazilians’ banking needs in product development

Victor Santos is bringing the banking options he can access in the US back to his home country Brazil.
The banQi solution is simple: “the bank that has your back”.

Key banQi features

Metro card top-up

banQi gives users the option of adding money to their metrocards on the go without having to interrupt their busy lives.

Pay bills in-app

Removing the need to visit a physical bank to pay bills, users have the power to pay their bills when it works for them.

Mastercard and Cielo partnerships

Airfox’s partnership with Cielo created an integration of simplified payment systems via QR code into the banQi app.

Physical banking locations

Users can take comfort in knowing if they need in-person help with any banking services they can visit a Casas Bahia location to talk to someone about banQi.

Change is only just beginning

Airfox is the 2019 Aite Group Impact Innovation award winner for customer experience.

Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com

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