The Airfox family continues to grow: meet our new and creative team members

It has been a busy few months for Airfox! The team is knee-deep in enhancing product functionality, making major strides towards becoming a better digital banking option for Brazilians.

In preparation for developments on the horizon, we’ve expanded multiple departments to enable agility and efficiency in product innovation. Our new hires help develop important projects, enhance marketing expertise around our launch campaigns, and support growing operational infrastructure within the company.

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest team members:

Airfox engineering

Tibor Mirkovic, backend engineer — Boston

You met Tibor in our recent engineering update. Tibor’s knowledge of app development combined with his passion to develop technology geared towards emerging markets makes him a great fit for Airfox.

“If Airfox users can successfully establish a credit profile utilizing our app, then we hold the potential to revolutionize services like microloans — offering them at significantly lower interest rates than other financial institutions,” explains Tibor. “Many individuals in developed countries take it for granted that we have access to fairly low interest loans for things like education, business, and home ownership. For people in emerging markets, access to credit can be life saving and changing.”

Ken Kan, backend engineer — Boston

Ken Kan joins Airfox as a backend engineer. Ken’s passion for building software started when he began coding in middle school. He has been involved with a number of startups prior to joining Airfox. Ken was part of the core team at McGraw-Hill Education that stabilized and scaled up their most profitable digital learning offering, LearnSmart product suite.

“Airfox appeals to me because of its commitment to bringing what I take for granted to those without such access,” says Ken. “I have always been involved with enhancing the lives of those who can afford advanced technologies. This is the first time where I am making a contribution to those who would be able to break out of their financial situation because of our innovation at Airfox.”

Airfox product development

Emma Goldhammer, UX designer — Boston

Emma Goldhammer joins Airfox as a UX designer to increase usability within our mobile application. Her specialities include qualitative and quantitative user research, product design and testing, and technical marketing. A graduate of Harvard University, Emma aligns with Airfox’s dedication to making the Boston tech community a hub for world changing innovation.

“I’m excited to be working with colleagues with a diversity of skills and backgrounds,” says Emma.

Max Pohl, product manager — Boston

Max Pohl joins as a product manager with goals of driving product evolution during Airfox’s current expansion period. Max has a proven track record of presenting innovative and forward-thinking solutions in fast-paced, cutting-edge environments. His dedication to solving pressing challengings will enable him to effectively support Airfox during this rampant period of growth and expansion. With his unique background in music and business, Max brings a creative perspective to ensuring Arifox is a well-rounded banking solution capable of helping users become more financially stable.

“Airfox has been a terrific fit for me,”says Max. “Not only am I excited by our mission of combating economic inequality through creative financial services, I’m also thrilled to be part of a collaborative, supportive and fast-moving company”.

Airfox marketing

Kaitlyn Graham, content marketing associate — Boston

With a growing global focus on interaction with consumers and utilizing social media, the marketing team adds Kaitlyn Graham as a content marketing associate. With a background in content creation for multiple types of channels, Kaitlyn is ready to take all of the amazing and innovative things happening at Airfox and turn them into content for followers to see. Kaitlyn has worked as part of the marketing team for various-sized companies, including Target, Alex & Ani, and Launch Trampoline Company, and is happy to be a part of Airfox’s mission to provide an option for the underbanked.

“Airfox is a company full of passionate and motivated workers, and I am so excited to be able to contribute to their mission,” exclaims Kaitlyn. “I have already learned so much from my peers, and I am excited to see the company’s vision continue to grow and succeed.’’

Paula Kac, marketing and operations coordinator — São Paulo

The marketing department also added their first hire in Brazil with the addition of Paula Kac as marketing operations manager. Paula brings with her more than 12 years of experience in product marketing for financial services companies, spanning both startups and multinational organizations like American Express, Citibank, and Sodexo. Her knowledge of the Brazilian market and eagerness to get the job done has already proven useful as we’ve launched new app features in our partner stores throughout São Paulo.

“My first-hand experiences of the Brazilian financial market drives my motivation to be a part of the Airfox team,” explains Paula. “I am excited about the potential of the Airfox app to improve the lives of my fellow Brazilians.”

Airfox Operations

Ashley Darar, senior operations manager — Boston

Ashley Darar joins the operations team, bringing with her experience in both startup culture and business consulting. Ashley worked in management consulting where she provided profit-driven strategic direction to both Fortune 500 and portfolio companies. Ashley then transitioned into the world of startups, using her strategic development skills at an EdTech company that provided online training to family and professional caregivers of elderly adults.

“I wanted to be a part of the Airfox team because of its mission to help provide financial services and access to capital to the unbanked and underbanked around the world,” says Ashley. “I also love how much the company and all the employees embody this mission in their day to day work”.

Vitor Grigoleto, project manager — São Paulo

Vitor Grigoleto joins the project management team as a founding member in the Brazil office. As Airfox continues to build more critical partnerships in Brazil, we are eager to tap into Vitor’s localized expertise in project management and communications. Most recently, Vitor worked as a senior consultant at Accenture and scrum master at Santander.

“Airfox’s partnership with Via Varejo is a giant step towards providing millions of underserved Brazilian families access to affordable financial solutions,” says Vitor. “I hope to support this partnership and others as Airfox continues doing more as a digital bank.”

Danilo Ferreira, project manager — São Paulo

With past experience working directly for our primary partner, Via Varejo, the Airfox operations team will greatly benefit from the inside knowledge that Danilo Ferreira brings. Danilo has managed software development and agile implementation for various companies going through digital transformations. We are excited to see Danilo apply his vast set of skills to the fintech world as a project manager for Airfox.

Airfox Finance

Flavio Texeira, vendor management manager — Boston

Flavio Texeira joins the Airfox finance team as a vendor management manager. He brings over 20 years of progressive leadership experience in the consulting and telecom industries. As an expert in product, marketing, and sales, Flavio was directly involved in the beginning phases of numerous telecom carriers in Brazil, such as Oi, TIM, Brazil Telecom and most recently Euromonitor International. Flavio has attained degrees in both the U.S. and Brazil, creating a unique understanding of both markets.

“It is amazing to be working with a diverse team on a social engagement project that will benefit thousands of unbanked individuals,” said Flavio. “I intend to integrate knowledge from my lived experiences in both the U.S. and Brazil to increase our potential impact.”

Airfox is happy to continue growing our team of innovative thinkers. We will continue to provide updates on our team’s accomplishments and ideas!

Meet the smiling new faces of Airfox!



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