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Airfox App has just launched yet another time-saving function to simplify the lives of Casas Bahia customers. It is now possible to deposit money in-store, at Casas Bahia, to enter directly and instantly into the Airfox wallet. For now, this functionality is only available in stores in Ipiranga, São Paulo, but will soon expand to multiple locations.

Continuing with a focus on customer ease and efficiency, significant effort has been made to ensure this in-store deposit process is consumer friendly and can save users time and provide them an option unavailable in the traditional banking system. Acknowledging the daily needs of consumers and the value of spending less time waiting in lines to pay bills, Airfox continues to be focused on establishing a digital method for personalized banking.

How it works

This new feature allows customers to deposit their money at Casas Bahia locations, which will be directly added to their accounts with Airfox. Customers then have access to their money in a way that allows them to efficiently pay bills, or use any of the other wallet features, without visiting a lotérica.

In-store poster showcasing the deposit feature

To gain access to the depositing feature, all the customers have to do is present their identification documents to a cashier and pay their deposit in-cash. The cashier will confirm the identity of the user, and process the payment.

Cashiers at the Casas Bahia locations have been trained on the app and the new depositing feature, and are excited to help bring a more efficient method of paying bills to the customers. The digitization process has made it possible for new customers to download the Airfox App, create an account, deposit money and even make a payment, all in one trip to the store.

Cashier’s becoming proficient in the new deposit feature

Convenience is key

Airfox is committed to delivering features that real customers want. Depositing cash efficiently at a local store as opposed to waiting in long lines is something customers needed, and Airfox was able to provide it through the new feature.

Casas Bahia in-store deposit station

With the new feature, Airfox is continuing to grow the app’s functionality. The newly trained cashiers are eager to work with potential customers to demonstrate the app’s features and convenience, and give potential customers more ways to interact with the app in the store. It is important to Airfox to provide customers with an opportunity to ask questions and be comfortable using the app, so the cashiers are a valuable part to the launch of the deposit feature.

What customers see when the cash is deposited into their Airfox account

Customer approval

Since the launch of the new feature Airfox has received positive feedback from multiple customers. Casas Bahia customers have agreed that being able to deposit money into the app in-store makes their experience much easier. Many customers applauded their experience with the app because it allows them to gain back time they used to lose in a day. Customers who are regular visitors to the Casas Bahia stores no longer have to go to a different place to pay their bills, they just have to go to the Casas Bahia locations they are already shopping at. Casas Bahia and their staff have built high levels of rapport with customers, and this trust in the brand has made some customers say they would rather deposit funds in Casas Bahia than a local bank.

Customer receipt after depositing cash at Casas Bahia

Edileuza, a customer our promoters met in Casas Bahia, is a great example of how the deposit feature has changed the way customers pay bills. Edileuza shared a story about how the convenience of the app allowed her to pay her electricity bill in a shortened time frame that she wouldn’t have been able to get at a bank. When realizing that she didn’t have time to wait in the line at Bradesco, a bank located within the store, Edileuza was introduced to Airfox. She liked the app so much she downloaded it on the spot, deposited money with the cashiers, and paid her bill all before she would have made it to the front of the line. “Congratulations to the one who invented the feature,” Edileuza told our promoter “It’s excellent!”

Edileuza was able to pay her electricity bill more efficiently with Airfox

The Next Steps

Finalizing the in-store cash deposit feature was a huge accomplishment for Airfox; we are excited to continue developing our services to meet the many needs of customers. As we gain feedback from customers and continue to optimize the deposit feature, the Airfox team is working diligently to further evolve the app to become a mobile banking provider.

Airfox is thrilled to share the news of the deposit feature, and to see that users are increasingly satisfied with the Airfox App! We hope to continue creating convenient features to provide for the day-to-day life of our customers.



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