What are you thankful for this holiday season?

How Airfox is helping spread financial and social inclusion in November.

Throughout November Airfox focused on spreading inclusivity through partnerships, our app, and new hires. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year!

Meet Iara: An education hero in Rio de Janeiro

At Airfox, we have gotten to know people around the world who are spreading inclusion through community programs and selfless initiatives. Our first highlighted hero developed an innovative education program for the kids in her community.

Read about Iara’s work here.

banQi offers customer-centric services to the underbanked

While many traditional banks focus on protecting their institutional wealth, Airfox’s digital banking solution banQi is providing features that put the user’s needs first. Our model lets users perform banking services on their own time with the technology they already own.

Read how we’ve developed banQi.

The Novos Lideres class grow their business acumen

The students are developing their skills in the Novos Lideres classes, moving beyond the basics and into more specific business lessons. In November, students participated in workshops on branding, building your professional circle, and more.

Read about a recent Novos Lideres class.

We welcomed new team members in accounting, marketing, and other areas

Our newest Airfox employees are proud to represent our company’s mission both at work and outside of the office! Our new team members are ready to make an impact in the lives of underbanked Brazilians.

Meet the new team members.

Victor joined Digital Trends Live to speak about the need for banQi in Brazil

Airfox CEO Victor Santos joined Digital Trends Live to speak about how innovative banking methods are disrupting emerging markets like Brazil.

Watch a recording of the live interview here.

banQi app users experienced Black Friday at Casas Bahia

Black Friday is celebrated in Brazil with shopping deals both in stores and online, and Casas Bahia stores were no exception! As the major partner of Airfox’s digital banking app banQi, Casas Bahia shoppers experienced their first Black Friday with new convenient digital payment options when purchasing from the retail giant.

Read what Black Friday means to our retail partner in Brazil.

Big speaking opportunities for members of our São Paulo team

Our Airfox office in São Paolo got some facetime this past month with multiple speaking opportunities. Our legal and compliance director Alex Baretto was on a panel at FutureCom 2019, and our UX designer Suzana Ribeiro spoke at São Paulo Tech Week.

Follow Airfox on LinkedIn to learn more about their experiences.

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