What company’s campaign got ranked top 0.1% in the world?

While trick or treating may be over for the year, October brought many treats to the Airfox team. We received global awards, our articles were published in journals, and a member of our leadership team opened up about what working for Airfox means to her.

Our campaign was recognized as the 6th best in the world!

The Holmes Reports honors the best campaigns around the world every year with the Global SABRE Awards. This year, Airfox’s campaign “Fighting Financial Exclusion in Brazil”, created with Sherlock Communications, was awarded the sixth highest ranking out of the 5,000 campaigns in the running!

Read about the winners.

Survey results are in: 90% of Brazilians believe they are charged unfair banking fees

In addition to the inconvenient lines and limited hours of operation, Brazilian banks charge unfair fees to those holding bank accounts. In an article recently published by Extra Global, Airfox president of Brazil Gustavo Ribeiro describes what Brazilians could be spending their money on if they weren’t paying banking fees.

Read Gustavo’s article.

Our CFO of Brazil was featured in LendIt Fintech News

Combining the reach and accessibility of technology with the need for updated services has allowed Brazil to become one of the hottest spots for fintechs. Airfox CFO of Brazil Douglas Lopes explains why we can’t ignore the newest business opportunity any longer.

Read Douglas’s article.

The Novos Lideres class began learning business skills

Last month we partnered with a social organization in Brazil to help teach new entrepreneurs valuable business lessons in Rocinha, a favela community in Brazil. The class met multiple times each week in October, and students have already shared valuable lessons they’ve learned. We showcased the stories of hardworking students like Sol’s building supply store, Fabiana’s online community building, and Nilce’s artisanal crafts. We’re posting highlights from the class and student stories on our Instagram page.

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We learned where our VP of marketing got her passion for Airfox

Katie Sedat’s motivation to join Airfox dates to before the company was established, back when she was growing up in Guatemala and Honduras.

Read Katie’s story.

We provided insights on how companies use blockchain to facilitate inclusive business models

When capturing the current state of how blockchain is leaving a positive social impact on the world, Stanford Business conducted surveys and interviewed businesses focused on creating social change. Airfox is proud to be one of the companies interviewed for the 2019 research report!

Read the report.

And of course, we celebrated Halloween!

Both our Boston and São Paulo offices celebrated the spooky October holiday.

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Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com

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Accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets using technology built with trust and inclusion. www.airfox.com