What’s Airfox doing for our 4 year anniversary?

CEO Victor Santos was published in the Boston Globe, Airfox awarded best in Brazil’s digital banking competitive market, and more from January 2020.

4 min readFeb 4, 2020


2020 marks Airfox’s 4th year of operation! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of the most notable moments so far this year. January was a busy and motivational month for us — we were inspired by the startups around us, our hardworking team members, and the users of our banQi app.

We won the World Finance “Best Consumer Bank” and “Best Mobile App” awards!

Every year, World Finance magazine recognizes institutions worldwide who are leading innovation and impact in the financial sector. For the 2019 award year, Airfox won the Digital Banking Awards in the categories of “Best Mobile App” and “Best Consumer Bank” in Brazil for banQi!

Learn more about the awards.

We added 3 new features to the banQi app

Airfox constantly strives to provide our users efficient and convenient service. This past month, our engineering and product teams released three new features, including an in-app chatbot to give users instant responses to the most common questions.

Catch up on our new banQi app features.

The Boston Globe published CEO Victor Santos’s experience as a DACA dreamer

Our CEO, Victor Santos, joined the conversation surrounding DACA dreamers in a recently published Boston Globe opinion piece. Victor relayed his story of becoming an American entrepreneur and how his businesses have contributed to the US economy.

Read Victor’s article “I’m a Dreamer. Ask my 80+ employees if I should be deported.”

Our fintech predictions for 2020

This year, we challenge fintechs around the world to join us in making a greater impact on the financial sector and make banking more accessible and affordable. Our employees shared the top trends they believe will make the most impact on financial services in 2020.

Discover the big fintech forecasts for 2020.

Project Hatch featured our startup story

Project Hatch features case studies from entrepreneurs whose business stories can serve as lessons for aspiring startup founders.‍ Project Hatch recently interviewed Airfox’s CEO Victor Santos about how the company got started, who our target market is, and more.

Read the interview here.

We were inspired by neighboring startups

Airfox is not the only social impact company rooted in Boston. From feeding the hungry to providing home buyers with fair methods of securing a mortgage, Bostonian startups are innovating and disrupting their respective industries.

Find out more about Boston startups that are changing lives.

We recapped our 2019 wins

2019 gave Airfox great momentum heading into the new decade. We recapped our wins from the year and celebrated our successful product launches, partnerships, and awards.

Did you miss the recap? Check it out here.

We rang in the new year and celebrated our 4 year anniversary

Both our São Paulo and Boston offices celebrated entering the new decade and Airfox’s fourth year of operation on January 28th. Since Airfox started back in 2016, the team has grown from 5 employees to 102, and we’re still expanding!

Check out this video to see the massive growth we celebrated.

Want to join the ever-growing Airfox team? Check out our open positions.

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